Disciples of Shadowlore – Rise of the Necronarchs (NFT – Collection)

The Disciples of Shadowlore are fighting their endless battle between light and darkness to work on their expansion of power. The day of judgement, called the Rakdorra, is about to arrive and the races want their fraction to be favored by the gods to ensure their ascension to paradise.

The Disciples of Shadowlore are divided in 5 fractions: The Arcane Spirits, the Abyssians, the Blood Dwellers, the Earth Leechers and the Necronarchs. Each fraction is fighting all other fractions. They all have different colors, strengths and weaknesses and different creatures, spells and lands.

Disciples of Shadowlore is a trading card collection on opensea.io and has the potential of creating a game from it it the future.

The Fractions

Arcane Spirits (Yellow)

The Arcane Spirits are the warriors of light and the sun. They are belivers, have their strict rules and fight with discipline and honor.

Priestess of the Sun

Abyssians (Blue)

The Abyssians are the owners of the sea. No matter if they ride the waves or dive in the depths of the waters, whoever encounters them in their territory takes oneself into their world and big danger.

Abyssian Hecatoncheires

Blood Dwellers (Red)

The Blood Dwellers are most feared among the common. They are bound to blood, flesh, fire and torture. The dwellers linger in dark caves and rotting morphed lands of flesh, created out of corpses of the slayed. They have no rules and no values, their pure existence consists of strife.


Earth Leechers (Green)

The nature, plants and the forest are the home of the Earth Leechers. The use the power of growth and restoration to build their armies and heal their wounds.

Inspirited Ent Tree

Necronarchs (Black)

The Necronarchs are the masters of darkness and demonology. They fear noone, not even the Blood Dwellers. They use their dark and satanic powers to crush their enemies, manipulate them and drive them to insanity. Their most hated enemy are the Arcane Spirits.

Adamant Persecutor

Card Attributes

Creature: Has a color (fraction color), strenght, stamina and speed values. The creature can also have special abilities like poison, freeze, drain, tremor or stoneskin. Creatures that were called will remain until they are defeated.

Land: Supports the fraction with mana to call creatures or cast spells. A land can have different colors of mana. Lands cannot be destroyed.

Spell: A spell can be cast once upon a creature to damage or destroy it. It can also cause special effects on creatures like confuse or mind control.

Artifact: Artifacts have no color and usually do not belong to a certain fraction. They can be used by creatures or wizards, depending on their abilities.

Card Type: Cards exist in 3 different types: Basic, Gold Foil and Mythic Foil, whereas Mythic foil is the most rare card style.

Rarity: Different rarity levels say something about the value of a card: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary.