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Individual Skybox Creation (Example)

You need the one individual skybox fitting exactly to your game or scene? I am a specialist in creating 100% seamless, well-lighted, beautiful and high quality skyboxes the way you want it – only for your game and no one else.

The skybox will be provided either as a Unity package or just image files, if you don’t use it in Unity, but in Unreal Editor or other Applications that support equirectangular image files. – your choice! The image files are compressed in the optimized Super-PNG Format and will have a filesize of several MB. It is up to you to configure import settings (in Unity or your application) or to further compress it, if you require smaller file sizes.

Prices depend on the configuration and resolution of the skybox images. Higher details (i.e. trees etc.) need more time to configure and higher resolutions and quality settings need more time to render. Please check out my pricing matrix to get a picture.